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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Its Important To Get Your Staking System Right

One of the keys to successful betting is to have the right staking system. Get this right and it really can make the difference between profit and loss.

I have listed here for you some staking systems which you should familiarise yourself with. Any staking system you use must be profitable at level stakes before you give it any further consideration.

Back Staking Systems                                                                                        Lay Staking Systems
1326Fixed Liability
Bookies BankLay % Recovery
Bookies Bank V2Lay % Up Down
D'alembertLay 1-4
FibonacciLay Goff
FixedLay HiPro86 SP4
KellyLay Kelly
L.P. 28Lay Labouchere
LabouchereLay Ladder
LevelLay Level
ParlayLay Mixed
PercentageLay Percentage
ProLay Reverse Mixed
RecoveryLay XYZ
Recovery Type 2Maria
Recovery Type 3Maria Liability
RetirementPercentage Liability
Rolling Doubles
Square Root
Up X Down Y

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